Rhubarb in containers? Bleg

So, my rhubarb isn’t happy.  The stalks are barely 6 inches tall.  I know what rhubarb is supposed to look like when its happy and this isn’t it.  I suspect that its because the area where its planted tends towards being either REALLY wet or REALLY dry (yah, it wasn’t a good choice of spots, unfortunetly there isn’t much of a better one the way my yard is set up, there’s a reason I set up this year’s garden in containers).

I was considering transplanting it to a container, the (fake) half barrels I’m using for the rest of the garden this year are 25″ in diamater and about that tall…..so I hit Google.  It looks like the big concern would be keeping it from freezing solid in the winter while still getting cold enough to go dormant.  But I’m going to be looking at the same thing with the herbs I just planted, so thats ok…..I think I’ve come up with a solution for them, so whats one more container?

Any one out there have any experience trying it?

2 thoughts on “Rhubarb in containers? Bleg”

  1. Rhubarb roots go really deep. That is how it stays alive in cold climates. Perhaps rather than transplanting the plants to a container, try putting a bottomless container around the existing plants and gradually add dirt. That should help the plants stay above water when that part of the yard gets wet, but the roots will have room to go deep. Rhubarb does need lots of water to keep from getting stringy.

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