TOR ditches DRM

I know, I’m a bit late to the game.  I saw the news at the same time everyone else did, said “cool” and went back to what I was doing…..anyway, I just ran across this article explaining why doing so is so good for business, and it turns out its not JUST because customers get frustrated by DRM.  Its actually good business!

Now I’d assumed that all DRMing was done by the publisher, and maybe technically it IS applied by the publisher.  But the actual DRM is done by the owner of the reading format.  For example: the Kindle’s DRM isn’t the same as the Nook’s DRM, which I suppose shouldn’t have been such a surprise, but I didn’t realize how little control the publisher has over all of it.  Publishers are basically handing complete control of the ebook to the controller of the DRM, WHICH ISN’T THEM.  Now its not as bad as it could be, since most major publishers are putting it into as many (DRMed) formats as possible, but its still a massive loss of control.

And that just makes no sense.  At all.

And when you add in how much it can piss off your customers….well, then it REALLY makes no sense.


Oh, and btw, Facebook, you suck.   I saw this link on Facebook, linked to by someone else, and when I went to go read it, well, since the news source has its own Facebook app you can’t just click on the article link and read.   Nope, instead you have to approve the news source’s app (with god knows only how many other security holes and issues) before you can read an article of theirs that was linked to on Facebook.  No way no how am I approving ANOTHER app, thats going to track what I read and when and how often, and all that stuff.  If the fricking thing wasn”t so damned usefull for keeping track of people I never see otherwise I’d ditch it.

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  1. Probably doesn’t hurt the rising of the bread that it uses twice as much yeast as normal recipes.

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    true, but it really did rise, not just get kinda puffy.

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