Google Blogger

Ok, first off I’m not throwing stones at anyone, after all I’m the one who, after exactly one year of blogging and less than 5000 hits picked up and moved to a paid service rather than deal, so please don’t take this as a hit at anyone who’s still on Blogger, or who’s moving off Blogger, or quitting blogging because of Blogger….

I really do understand WHY Google made changes, afterall technology keeps changing, and its certainly not the first time significant change has been required to keep up.  I also understand that trying to keep around the old interface permanently for those of us who don’t like change would be cost prohibitive.  I get that I really do.  What I don’t understand is what Google DID.

The changes they made are extremely frustrating for people used to the old format, they didn’t just put a new wrapper on things, they re-arranged and changed the heck out of it.  Options aren’t anywhere close to where they were, and some options have disappeared entirely.  And then there’s the compatibility issues…..every time I turn around the media is talking about how more and more people are using portable technology to browse the internet.  Ipads and other tablets, tiny laptops like the Eee Pc, mobile phones, and although I never tried the new interface from my smart phone, I used it quite a few times from my Ipad.  It sucks.  Some things outright don’t work, other things only sorta work, and to top it off, Blogger isn’t even friendly towards using Ipads to COMMENT on other peoples’ Blogger blogs.  And yes, I submitted feedback reports on it several times (once the feedback button worked anyway, it didn’t even work for a while).   Tam has griped several times about how it doesn’t work with her Eee pc.   I’d be interested to hear how the Kindle Fire’s browser handles it, not to mention some of the other more portable browsing options.

I don’t get it Google.  I know you said a while back you were going to tighten the compatibility requirements so that folks on old browsers were going to have to upgrade to get things to work.  I even understand why, but to neglect to ensure compatibility on some of the most popular portable browsing setups??  Are you TRYING to drive away customers??