To central NY drivers who were on the roads this week:

To the black Hyundai: yes it was raining, but on that road, in that rain, there was no need to go 20mph under the speed limit.  Trust me.

To the black pickup (make unknown), who was making a sharper than 90degree left turn onto the same road as above in the same rain.  SLOW THE HECK DOWN.  When your back-end swings out not just once, but three times as you fly around that turn and your front wheels skid wildly, you’re going WAY to fast for both turn and weather.

To the lady in the silver coupe (make unknown) who was so entranced by her smart phone that she missed her green turn arrow….put the phone down. 

To the driver of the newer model SUV (make unknown): Yes I came to a stop instead of trying to merge into moving traffic at the circle.  That time of day, at that location, there was no point in being a rude driver when I could already see I was going to have a nice big opening to pull into a whole 20 seconds later.  It was also a nice gentle, predictable stop, I in no way slammed on my brakes abruptly.  I’d suggest paying more attention to the car in front of you so that next time that happens you can stop at a reasonable distance behind them, instead of screeching to a halt next to them on the shoulder….