I forgot to post this picture

I took this last weekend, got inside, ran the pictures into the computer, took at look at it, and promptly got distracted and forgot to post the picture.  The reason for my distraction?  Click the picture to en-biggen and then look a little below and to the left of the nest….



I had a rant all set about those stupid robins who insist on building a nest where not only do the HUMANS insist on removing it regularly, but where it also gets washed out on a regular basis….and promptly forgot it all.  I hate using wasp spray around the baby birds but there was no way in heck I was letting that sucker get any bigger….needless to say I was extra carefull with my aim.   So far the baby birds don’t appear to be any worse for wear so hopefully my aim was good.

3 thoughts on “I forgot to post this picture”

  1. Holy cow, that wasp nest was big – don’t blame you for getting rid of it. There was a wasp building a nest on the crossbeam of the door to the shed. The door that gets opened nearly every day. The wasp spent a week building the nest before WS went to DC. He meant to take care of it before he left – but had other, more urgent things on his mind.

    I am allergic to wasps, and every time I opened the door (or closed it) I watched the wasp carefully. He never seemd to move off the next, but it was slowly getting bigger. Finally, one morning I got in there to get some tools for gardening and the wasp was away. I had a rake in my hand and knocked off the nest. Stayed away from the shed most of the day and when I got back the wasp had evidently decided to go elsewhere to rebuild.

  2. We’ve had them bigger, thats the scary part. Infact two days ago we discovered one in an outdoor electrical box that apparently wasn’t sealing the way it was supposed to…..it was about 3 times the size of this one. We’ve got wasp traps set up around the place, and they catch quite a few, but we still get nests every time we turn around. We don’t really see that many wasps, but obviously we have them.

    Glad to hear you got rid of it safely, my SIL is allergic too, part of why we’re so OCD about getting rid of them.

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