Garden update

Edited: Added a link to the gold raspberries.


Pictures later…..sorry

Broccoli is growing well.  The number of new holes in the leaves has dropped dramatically thank you for everyone who made suggestions.  There’s even baby broccoli’s growing on the two biggest!!

Pumpkins have great big leaves, but no vines yet, a few bug holes, but no new ones.

Jalapenos, which I bought as plants not seeds, are huge and budding.

Sweet peppers which I planted from seeds, are not happy.  Not dead, but not growing either *sigh*

Honeydew melons, which I bought plants on a whim a couple weeks ago are growing, but no vines yet.

The various herbs….well, the horehound is doing well, and the peppermint (I think its the peppermint, its hard to tell at this point) appears to be doing ok, the spearmint is only kinda sorta there though….

The berry bushes are all doing ok, with the exception of the golden raspberries which apparently refuse to grow in my soil.  I even bought a new plant with GREEN leaves at the local farm supply and it died within a week of being planted and refuses to grow again.  Everything else, including the pink lemonade blueberries are growing well.  Dispite me having neglected to weed the area….

Rhubarb, well, its not dead, but its not happy either.  I’m keeping an eye out for an older tractor tire to use for a planter for it so I can raise it up a bit like was suggested.

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  1. And just the other day I cut back mom’s peppermint with the hedge trimmers before it had a chance to go to seed, and told step-father to mow it until the cucumbers start crawling out of their tractor tires. Hope you have your mint planted in a confined area bordered by sidewalks or something like that. Once it gets going, it is a bear to stop.

    Is there a chance that Apollo has been watering the yellow raspberries when you weren’t looking? Are there other raspberry bushes, or are they different types of berries? It may just be that particular spot. Maybe the soil is contaminated with salt, or is seriously lacking in nutrients, or has been burned by dog pee, or who knows. Did you try planting the new raspberry you bought in a different location?

  2. The herbs are all in containers, so yes, controlled. My parents had a mint patch when I was growing up, so I know. Though I was tempted anyway, its not like I have a showcase lawn….

    Its Apollo, so yes though we’ve tried to keep him out of there, but they’re right next to the regular raspberries which are fine. There’s also blackberries (thornless) and two different kinds of blueberries (regular and the pink lemonade). Everything else is fine, but the golden raspberries don’t want to grow. I’m wondering if they’re more sensitive to the extra water we tend to get. We’re barely 1/2 mile from the lake, and on the same level as the shoreline, so we tend to stay very wet, even when its dry elsewhere, and when it rains…..

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