Ok, its rant night

So yah, I wander through a variety of message forums, on a variety of topics.  Some I stick around for alot of time, others I barely touch on.  My last post was inspired by someone on ONE message board.

This one is about a poster on a different message board….some CHILD (I don’t know the actual age of the person), wanting to know if they should neuter their German Shepherd.  Now normally I’m one of these folks who says that not neutering is better for the dog (and I have studies and research to back that up, unlike “common knowledge” which says you’re a HORRIBLE person if you don’t spay/neuter your animal *eye roll*).  However, I want this dog neutered, and maybe found a new home while I’m at it.

See, the dog already got hit by a car once, which is why they are considering neutering (huh??), but

of course he NEVER leaves the property!!!

So….the truck that hit the dog hit him in the driveway? 

Well no, but it was RIGHT in FRONT of the driveway!!! He NEVER leaves the property!!!!

Either the dog was in the road (off the property) or the guy went off the road to hit your dog, you don’t get it both ways. 


So you’ve fenced the yard now so he won’t get hit again right? 

HE NEVER LEAVES THE PROPERTY!!!!  And NO we’re not CAGING HIM, we ALWAYS leave him out when we’re not home!!!!

If you leave him out when you’re not home how do you know he never leaves the property?

Cause he DOESN’T!!!!

Omg.  Its dog owners like this that give the rest of us a bad name.  Bets on how many half GSD puppies there are in nearby?

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    • The folks across the street from me appear to have finally taken a hint. It only took calling animal control twice…

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