No actually, correct spelling is not to much to ask

So, when I was trying to fix the previous theme update I discovered a misspelling that resulted in the code not working correctly.

I was more than a little frustrated, since the piece of code in question had been resulting in a problem for several months that I’d not been able to figure out to fix.

Ok, yes it was a minor issue, the blog not appearing the correct width.  Not the end of the world, but frustrating.

So I attempted to contact the theme developer to convey the incorrect spelling in hopes that later updates would have it fixed.  Several days, and one update, later, and I’ve gotten no response.

So, I have occasionally seen someone claiming to be the theme developer responding to questions about the theme on the help forums, so I posted, a rather frustrated “correct spelling is not to much to ask” post.

Apparently I’m wrong.  Correct spelling IS to much to ask.  Infact I’m a horrid person for demanding it.  The fact that the code DOESN’T WORK with the incorrect spellings is irrelevent.  I’m a horrible person and I need to go away now.

Not sure why I expected any other reply, since of the several times I’ve posted there asking for help I GOT help exactly once….