Spanish blogger threatened with lawsuit for warning pet owners about recall

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So, even though the Diamond recall information sent out only included the USA and Canada, apparently the food was sent out to quite a few other countries as well.  And the USA and Diamond have no interest in publicly announcing what countries either.  They sent the info to the appropriate authorities and its up to them to publicize it in their countries….so a when a blogger in Spain found out about the recall she posted it on her blog in an attempt to spread the word.  She’s now being threatened with a lawsuit for doing so.  Now likely its not actually the parent Diamond company itself doing the suit, but its certainly someone associated with them, if only the local distributor…..this on top of the information that there appears to have been an attempt to cover up the recalled information on some bags sent to Malaysia?  Yah, I don’t think so.


Btw, the human count for those sick with this particular strain of salmonella comes to 22, there are two confirmed canines infected with this strain, where the strain was confirmed by a lab to be the same strain of salmonella.  There’s a huge list of other reported illnesses and deaths in pets, but none have been confirmed by lab, at least yet.

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  1. I am aware of two dogs which were confirmed positive for Salmonella Infantis, but have not read that they had any injury or death as a result.

    Can you please cite a source?

    Thank you.

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