Poor puppies

This morning I hauled Arty off to the vets to be neutered.  Apollo was peeved because Arty got to go for a car ride and he didn’t.  Arty was peeved because he was hungry….

The vet has called to say that Arty made it through surgery fine (it was complicated by the fact that one of his testicles hadn’t dropped, which was the reason he was being neutered in the first place), and he was awake and doing ok.  I assume he was awake but drugged as I didn’t hear any shrieking in the background….they’re keeping him overnight and we’ll pick him up tomorrow.

Apollo got over his sulk at the lack of car ride, but is now VERY UPSET that Arty is missing.  He keeps looking for him, and hasn’t hardly eaten a thing all day….

Course, the cats are thrilled, they know Apollo won’t chase them, but we’ve not yet convinced them that Arty won’t (probly cause he still does on occasion).