Arty update

His neuter was monday, he came home tuesday (he freaked out the vet by refusing to eat, drink, or allow himself to be restrained without sedation).  Apollo was thrilled to see him.

Friday he chewed through his cone, decided rest and quiet was for the birds, and challanged Apollo to a race around the house.

Today things look pretty well healed and he’s not licking hardly at all. ¬†It might not be the two weeks the vet wanted, but I’ll take it!

2 thoughts on “Arty update”

  1. Sounds pretty normal for a young dog. Heck, I was never able to restrain spayed females for very long (and males go thru a lot less trauma than the females); they just go about jumping twisting and playing until a stitch or two pop – which doesn’t seem to really affect anything. I would be more worried about Artie if he wasn’t acting like a young dog!

    • because one of this testicles didn’t drop the incision was alot closer to a spay than a neuter, but he’s doing ok so I suppose thats what counts!

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