We can see the fireworks from the NY State Fairgrounds from my in-laws front yard, so last night we took both dogs over about 8:30pm along with a couple folding chairs and everyone had fun catching up with family while we waited for the fireworks to start.  They were late as usual.

Everyone was surprised when we showed up with the dogs.  They were skeptical when we insisted they both were fine with fireworks.

An aunt who’d never met Apollo before last night sucked in a deep breath of horror when our niece lit off a sparkler, and my husband lit off a smoke bomb, about 10 ft behind Apollo.

He turned around, looked the whole thing over, and went back to trying to convince an uncle’s Pomeranian to play with him (little puff ball barreled out of the house barking and growling and having the biggest snit at Apollo, who said COOL, PLAY!!!).

Arty didn’t blink either, he’s already figured out that if Apollo isn’t worked up over it then its probly not worth getting worked up over.

Fun was had by all, both watching fireworks and catching up with family.  Hope you all did the same.

(I thought about doing a patriotic post for the day, but everyone else says it better than me, so go read them if thats what you want.)