The year of the wasp

Ok, I have no idea what the actual animal is that this is the year of.  But it OUGHT to be the wasp.  Holy fricking cow. 

I went through 4 cans of wasp spray today.  On top of another 4 already used this spring/early summer.

I thought the nest pictured here was pretty reasonably sized…

Not so much any more.

3 nests larger than one of my husband’s fists, and full of eggs.

4 more nests that were GOING to be that large if they were allowed to complete them, also full of eggs.

And god knows how many more normally sized nests, plus several cracks and crevices where the wasps were congregating…..and I’m not sure I got them all.

We didn’t have wasp problems like this LAST year!  A few nests, but nothing like this! 

And one of those HUGE nests can’t have been there very long.  It was on the bottom of the trailer for the lawn tractor, its barely been a month since we last used it!

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