Need a gift for a 4 year old?

My (husband’s) nephew’s birthday party was Saturday.  My husband usually misses it due to his work schedule, but this year he was able to swing getting the day off.  In the weeks previous we racked our brains trying to come up with a gift that wasn’t likely to already be bought.  The kid has more aunts and uncles (some blood, some not) who enjoy buying lots of gifts than you can imagine, so it makes it difficult to pick out things sometimes.

Then I ran across this (the rain boots aren’t included):

No, that’s not my nephew, that’s the stock photo from the site.  I WISH we’d gotten a picture of him in it, infact, I wish I’d had my phone ready to record video, cause you have never seen a happier kid.  He insisted on putting it on RIGHT THEN (even though there were still quite a few presents to open) and preceded to race around the yard several times before his mother could get him to come back and open the rest of the presents.  I call that a success!


Disclaimer: we bought and paid for the raincoat ourselves, we were not asked to do a review, nor in anyway compensated for it, nor do I receive anything cause you clicked on the link.