WTF Spammers??

For SOME reason, in the last 3 days, spammers have latched onto this post.  I don’t know why, but I’ve had to delete 22 comments in the last 3 days from spammers on that ONE post.  That post itself is now locked, no additional comments to be made.  Not likely to affect you all since its so old, but I thought I’d let you know…

2 thoughts on “WTF Spammers??”

  1. Some spambots automatically go after blogs that are x number of days old. I’ve set my comments where moderation is imposed after 25 days; anyone commenting on a post older than that is almost always a spammer.

    • Thought about that, but I occasionally get legitimate comments on some older posts, specifcally the ones about blogger’s paragraph breaks, and a couple other odds and ends. Since said comments are mostly “OMG, thank you, that was driving me NUTS” I suppose I could turn off older comments, but so far I’m trying to avoid it….

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