One garden picture, and one WTF?? picture


Is a baby sweet pepper.  Its the ONLY baby sweet pepper on all three plants *sigh*.  We’ve got jalapeno’s coming out our ears though….



Is the biggest fucking nest I’ve ever seen.  Hornets I think rather than the yellow jackets we usually get……



Edit:  Yup, Bald Faced Hornets.  Took the good camera out:


9 thoughts on “One garden picture, and one WTF?? picture”

  1. Can you look up your local beekeeper’s club? Around here if you have something like that they’ll come and take it–they always love to have new hives.

    • actually after doing some digging I’m pretty sure its bald faced hornets not bees….they’re larger than the wasps I’m familer with (and not patterned much like them either) which threw me off at first. I’m gonna go back out with the good camera and see if I can actually get a picture of one to confirm.

    • Holy crap, thats HUGE…..if the damn thing wasn’t in the middle of the yard I’d be tempted to leave it just to see how big it would get, but its in the middle of the yard so I don’t dare.

  2. Peppers are about the only things that grow on the balcony since tomatoes draw the hated aphids, so we have some Pasilla/Poblanos and some Serranos coming up…

  3. I used a whole can of petroleum-based bug-bomb spray to kill some giant nasty spiders. It glommed onto the web like a sticky goo, and when they tried to crawl out of their melting skin I smashed them.
    I think the wasp-nest warrants a double-barrel flamethrower.

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