Basic Math, part 2 or, Sitemeter fail part….

So, yesterday I finally got an email from Sitemeter’s support folks.  Basically an “oops, we screwed up changing servers, but its all set now!!”. 

One paragraph read:

***Missing Data due to server outages***
Unfortunately, this is something that happens. 
If you experienced missing data, it should have been very,
very minimal and should have only been within a 2-3 hour time frame.
That issue has since been fixed and should be appearing properly.

Ummmm, no.  Lets try this basic math thing again.  Screen shots taken from my Sitemeter account as of a few minutes ago:

So, the numbers from the yellow column of the 2nd picture SHOULD all add up to equal the total visits in the first picture.  Right?

538+978+789+758+382+417=3862 NOT 3324 and that’s without the missing visit counts from at least one day in this whole mess which never did re-appear on the count page….

Try again Sitemeter folks.

4 thoughts on “Basic Math, part 2 or, Sitemeter fail part….”

  1. Sitemeter’s up to a new trick. I tried to get on the home site and got this error message:

    Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)

    Another “problem” with moving servers?

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