FBI lock out virus or “OMG YOU DID SOMETHING BAD PAY US MONEY” virus

Because I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with three different computers with this virus this week. This is for windows folks, donno if Macs are affected, or how to help if they are…

There are multiple versions of this all with different screens, but in every case a “popup” takes over your screen and tells you that the FBI is aware that you have downloaded illegal files/music/porn/something and you need to pay money to get access to your computer back. In most cases if you have a webcam attached to the computer the virus will turn it on and say its recording you while showing the take from the cam on your screen, in every case using the Task Manager to try to get out of it won’t work. Just about the only thing you CAN do is power off your computer, and sometimes not even that. In one case I had to pull the power cord.

What has worked for me so far (this link details these instructions as well as other options in case this fails): put the computer into safe mode with networking (hold down F8 while the computer is booting till it gives you that option), download the free version of Malwarebytes from www.malwarebytes.org (last I checked the paid version was only $25, but don’t pay for it while your computer is infected please). Install Malwarebytes, and open the program, update the virus definitions, and then run a full scan. So far this is working on every computer I’ve tried it on. I’m about to go for number 4 cause my SIL just called me FREAKING cause her computer’s locked and it was recording her and “NORTON WAS SUPPOSED TO DEAL DAMMIT!!!!”