Garden update

Lets see…

The peppermint is HAPPY, and well on its way to taking over its container.  I’ve already made peppermint simple syrup.  I might have to pick up some candy molds to make candy for christmas gifts.

Spearmint and horehound aren’t QUITE as totally thrilled, possibly because they’re sharing their containers this year with the sweet peppers and the honey dews, but they’re doing quite well none the less.

I have jalapenos coming out my ears.  We still have pickled ones from last year, so the first batch from this years crop got turned into jalapeno jelly.  I used the low sugar version and its just as well as Husband says its plenty sweet.  I’ll probly do another batch of pickles, unless husband decides he likes the jelly better for sandwiches, then I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the rest!

Sweet peppers, there are FINALLY more baby peppers showing, might actually get enough to be worth while!

Honey dew melons….IF the weather holds long enough I’ll have melons as I spotted several itsy bitsy babies.

Pumpkins…..lots of flowers….MALE flowers.  No sign of a single female flower much less a baby pumpkin.  *sigh*  I keep hoping….

I picked up several bags of flower bulbs cheap at Sams, which means I WILL be redoing the front flower beds this fall.  They need it, they’ve been falling apart since we bought the place, so I went ahead and ordered some specialty tulips and iris to go with the generics.

8 thoughts on “Garden update”

  1. Sorry to hear about the pumpkins. Keep an eye on them though; they have a habit of being sneaky. One day you’ll look and find one and wonder how it got so big and you didn’t notice.

  2. Chipotles! Take a mess of the jalapenos (pick then when they’re red) and roast ’em over some good smoke, then de-seed those bad boys and mulch them in the blender. Keep a jar on the kitchen counter, and wonder how you ever survived without that wonderful stuff. Or shove ’em whole down the neck of a bottle of decent cheap vodka for homemade pepperskaya. Use on Sunday mornings for the Blood Marys. That was actually what I did one year – made about a case worth and gave it as Christmas gifts.

    • Unfortunetly neither I or husband drink. Might ask him about the chipotles though….I don’t eat that much hot stuff so they’re mostly for him anyway (the sweets were supposed to be for me dammit).

  3. Still makes neat gifts – find some cute bottles at your local cheap stuff store. Less work than making the jellies, too.

  4. I’m jealous of your melons – I have never gotten one and finally gave up trying. Sometimes I get pumpkins, sometimes not. I’ve never actually gotten a cucumber either. Squash can be grown just by eating a squash bought from the store, and composting the imature seeds (mature seeds are toasted as treats). Strang how some things grow easily for some people, then other things can’t be grown for love nor money!

    • Well, I don’t actually have any melons yet, just the less than one inch babies that are the immediete result of a fertilized female flower. I’m less than sure that the weather is going to hold long enough for them to mature!

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