There are mondays…

And then there are FUCKING MONDAYS DAMMITT!!!!!


BTW, if you can’t get online and you have McAfee its thanks to the software update that went out Saturday night….

Oh, if you just so happen to be the software developer who’s in charge up “updating”’s software do NOT introduce yourself to me.  You’ll be happier that way….

4 thoughts on “There are mondays…”

  1. I dropped the paid anit-virus software after Norton let a nasty onto my computer and then charged me $100 to remove it. I use Avast now, which is free and highly rated by Kim Komando. So far it has been excellent and we are running it on several computers and have been for quite a while.

    • I don’t have McAfee, Husband works for Verizon, who uses McAfee as part of their security suite for their customers. He spent all day yesterday walking customers through the uninstall/reinstall process…..

      I don’t care for Norton either. I currently use a combination of AVG and Malwarebytes.

    • AVG actually annoys the heck out of me, but since I’m using the free version and it DOES do the job its hard to really complain….

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