Listen to him go!

I’ve commented before on Apollo’s desire to kill the cat from across the street.  Apparently leash laws don’t apply to cats.  And so its been an ongoing issue.

I caught this video the other day, if you look closely at one point you can just see the grey and white cat out the window.  If you can’t hear Apollo growling you need better bass on your sound system…..



4 thoughts on “Listen to him go!”

  1. When the dogs are in the fenced in area, they act that way (and worse) to our own cats – about the same as to the neighbors cat. In the house, they are all lovey dovey with the cats, but they see them walking around free while they are in a fence (60′ x 80′) and they are mortal enemies. If one of our cats is so blase as to take a short cut thru the fenced area, while one or both dogs are there, once the dog(sO) notices, the chase is on for real (I saw Fuzzy do this very thing last week – haven’t seen him move that fast for quite some time).

    • I do have to say that evil kitty isn’t totally stupid, he see’s the dogs coming and books it. Honestly though I’m not sure why the damn thing is still alive, we’ve had SEVERAL coyotes through the yard this summer, and a couple foxes at least, and apparently evil kitty thinks our yard is better to sun in….but he’s outside ALL the time, and has no car savvy at all, I’ve seen him run in front of several cars, and husband only JUST missed him on his way home from work a couple weeks ago.

  2. A .22 short hardly makes any noise at all, and if you time it when an @shole with a 12″ bass is thumping along,- nobody would hear anything.

    Not that I *need* to hide my feral cat shots, or anything…

    • I have to admit to being tempted….though in actuallity I could just fire the shot and no-one would likely notice unless they were watching the cat. Its a farming/hunting area, they’d just figure I was hunting pests, they’d be right….

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