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Baby pumpkin 1 didn’t make it, however there are now baby pumpkins 2, 3, 4 and 5…..however I have serious doubts about their long term survival considering we’re already in September…..


Does anyone know anything about purple sweet peppers?  Two of the pepper plants are producing purple peppers.  I’m not positive they’re the SAME kind of purple, the pepper shapes are slightly different.  However searching online it looks like some peppers are ripe at purple and some purple peppers then turn red when fully ripe.  Does anyone have any experience with this?

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  1. Don’t give up hope, once they get started, they grow fast. Just keep an eye on the weather forecast. If frost warnings occur, cover them. If you get a full freeze warning, you’ll just have to pick them and see if they ripen more indoors.

    • I was going to pick up straw to bury the tubs in for the winter, probly before the end of the month. Once I’m sure they’re growing I’ll bury’em to keep them safe.

  2. Sorry, when I speak of covering the pumpkins, that means throw a blanket or tarp over them at night and take it off during the day. Not sure what straw will do except perhaps cause mold and mildew problems. There is nothing more disgusting than a pumpkin that looks pretty on the outside but smells like moldy straw or hay.

    • Makes sense, I’ll hold off on the straw till it actually freezes then (though its been fairly dry this year, but that just means it would rain as soon as I put down the straw.

  3. Unless there isn’e any rain, I’m not sure I would use straw – it tends to hold in the moisture. Oh sure, the parts exposed to outside air will be all nice and dry, but underneath that, it won’t be.

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