Holy daffodils batman!

Spent this morning pulling apart the old flower beds in front, removing the bulbs and flattening the dirt out level.

The boards were rotted, and the beds full of weeds, mostly dandilions and some volunteer tree of some kind, and it wasn’t worth trying to save them or the dirt in them.   I’ve got cedar boards to replace them with, and some fresh topsoil and manure.

Apparently the folks we bought the house from liked daffodils.  There are little clumps of them ALL OVER, at least three different varieties, plus the ones in the beds.  I also knew they were in desperate need of being seperated just from the way they were clumped together.

This is a 15x15x6″ box.  Its full to over flowing with bulbs.

I’m not sure they’re all daffodils either…I DID pull out what appeared to be a couple volunteer wild onions, but even taking into account the different shapes that occur when a baby bulb splits off there are more than 3 different sizes/shapes/varieties of bulbs there…..

4 thoughts on “Holy daffodils batman!”

  1. We get that when we did out the narcissus around here. One plant will yield a five-gallon bucket of bulbs. The boss’s dad planted them for the folks who owned the place when he was a kid and they sure liked it here. lol

  2. Most folks plant daffodils because deer will not eat them. Deer do like tulips unfortunately. It may depend on what bulbs you are planting. We’ve had trouble here with voles digging up every kind of bulb and reburying them way too deep in the compost pile.

    • I am planting some tulips, but only in front of the house near the road. SO FAR (knock on wood) we’ve not seen deer sign up there…….

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