Theme update

So I ran the theme update this morning, its been pending for a couple days but I prefer to do it when I have at least a little time to play with it.  It mostly went smoothly, except now the menu headers in the side columns are funky.  Sorry about that.  Looks like I have a project for the next few days….


Edited: And that ended up being an easy fix.  Cool!


By the time it hit us it really wasn’t all that bad.  Bad winter storm bad, but not storm of the year bad.  We didn’t loose power, though some of the surrounding areas have, mostly due to falling trees and branches.  The extent of our damage so far: having to go out and re-tarp the firewood as all but one tarp was half loose and fluttering away in the gusting wind.  At least none of them blew away….

The pictures coming from the coast are more than a little scary, and I was, again, impressed by the stupidity of human kind (what parent allows teenage girls to wander flooded dark streets at 11pm??), and thats without including the guy who went swimming at 10pm in the floodwaters, I never did hear if they found his body or not.


The green dot is the current prediction for 2pm on Oct 31st.



Bleh.  We’re pretty much good to go.  Wish we’d been able to put in battery backups on the solar system, or pick up a generator, just in case, but otherwise we’re set.  Don’t even need ice (the frozen raw dog food will work just fine).


Soo…..I gripe about not being able to find links, and I have links!  Such is life.


N Korean Minister executed via mortar round.

The robber put a gun to his head, so he shot the robber.  Now the robber is sueing him.

Wait, you mean minors get constitutional rights too??

If you can afford the car, you’d better be able to afford the insurance!

Is your Halloween candy union approved?

Have you seen this van?

Video games to combat pain.

American Family Insurance wants to go out of business.

My size is none of your business!”