Wild onions

So, finding the pair of volunteer wild onions in my flower patch got me thinking. 

I know we’ve got wild onions and chives in several spots on the property. 

Husband and I aren’t much for onions, but there are occasions where we want them.  But not often enough to make it worth while to buy them usually. 

I’ve debated buying onions and dehydrating them for easy storage so we have them when we want them.

Why not do the same with the wild ones?  I’ll have to think on this.  By the accounts online the best time to pick them is spring anyways, so I have time to think….

2 thoughts on “Wild onions”

  1. I’ll just say that in my “dehydrated food” book, he mentions that out of all the things he’s tried, onions were the one that he would never do again, because it made his eyes water the whole time the dehydrator ran.

    • That I can totally believe! I usually do smelly stuff under the stove vent though, so it might not be TOO bad….

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