Found in my spam box this morning:


This is for real,

Please get back to me. I know there are a lot of internet frauds but this is real and I can proof it to you by all means. I am barrister Wang Wong a citizen of Hong Kong, and i work here in United kingdom. unfortunately my late client Engineer Thomas P. Johnson was amoung the victim of the Hurricana as he traveled for august holiday in USA with his family.

Meanwhile. Ever since years i have always know that he deposited a fixed deposit of amount $2.5 Million dollars with UBS bank here, and as i am talking with you he died with his family and for about two years now no trace as the bank has inform me to present his Next of Kin as says on his will.

My dear, I have all the paper works and with my legal right i will make you the next of kin and the bank will release the money to you. let’s get to know each other, I promise to give you 30% of the total funds transferred to you vital bank account as compensation for your help.

Thanks for taking this offer and opportunity.

Barrister Wang Wong Esq. For: Principal Attorney,


Its for REAL!!! I KNOW it!!!  *sigh*

The only thing I did was break the one link in the email, though interestingly enough it actually led to where it said it did.