Garden update, and bleg

Theres still a good sized baby pumpkin coming along.  Still quite green though, hopefully the freeze will continue to hold off….

Jalapeno’s are still going strong……

Honeydews produced two melons the size of my fist and then died back.  Oh well, I did plant them late!

Herbs are all going strong…


Bleg:though three containers will hopefully still have herbs in them come spring, three won’t.  I was kinda thinking to put garlic in one or two of them.  Growing garlic in containers appears to be quite possible, even in my cold climate….anyone with any experience growing garlic?  Suggestions as to varieties?  General suggestions?

3 thoughts on “Garden update, and bleg”

  1. I grow garlic in my backyard. I always leave a few bulbs to winter over; the individual cloves start sprouting in the early spring, and then all I have to do is lift them out, separate them, and each one grows into another bulb. You get an earlier start that way, since the cloves start sprouting as soon as it is right for them, rather than trying to guess the proper planting time.

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