And this is why I don’t have a Kindle, and have no intention buying ebooks via Amazon or Apple or….

Wedding bands for geeks.

Really cool pictures of really tiny things.

Guess its not just the TSA huh?

Bundrage realized he didn’t have the $20,000 he had demanded and he returned to the bank

Next week: scientists convicted of costing governments to much money due to pessimistic forecasts.


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  1. I’m not at all keen on Amazon’s Kindle or other eBooks that are not simply an open platform reader. The whole DRM scheme is a fat baloney and red-herring for the entrenched publishing interests.

    • That too. If I buy a dead tree book I can share the copy with my husband when I’m done. If I buy a DRMed ebook my ability to share it is extreamly curtailed. I know some have opened up shareing options recently, but its still not the same. I LOVE Baen’s books for much that reason!

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