3 thoughts on “The birds out my window”

  1. I love watching the birds at the feeders. Don’t have the suet up yet, but they have been hitting the seed/nut mix hard the last couple of weeks. That’s after ignoring it previously. I don’t remember them being this hungry last year – hope that doesn’t mean that we’ll have a really hard winter!

    • It COULD just mean that their usual feed is out due to the weird summer, but yah, I’m thinking harder winter myself. I hope I’m wrong! I’ve got Junco’s and Siskins already too and we don’t normally see yet….

      Thats some store bought suet I picked up, I usually make my own blocks, but didn’t expect them to be so interested so early…..

  2. I also started seeing juncos a couple of weeks ago. We’ve only gotten siskins a couple of times in the 20+ years we’ve been here, so not seeing them doesn’t mean anything.

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