More birds


Now all of the above are common to the area, though I’ve never actually seen the Grosbeaks before, but this last little guy is highly uncommon to the area, he’s a Harris’s Sparrow.  Infact he’s so rare, that when I reported my sighting I got an email asking me to send my pictures so they could verify my ID!

3 thoughts on “More birds”

    • The grosbeaks were my morning surprise lol. Peered out the window to see if it was raining so I’d know which jacket I wanted to take the dogs out and there were at least 4 males and 6 females on and under the feeders! I’d never seen them before! I was so surprised!

      And oh my the Harris’s! I was so excited when I IDed him!

  1. Some years we get Evening Grosbeaks, some years we don’t (we always get the rose-breasted variety during summer).

    Very cool on the rare species!

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