2 thoughts on “The Harris’s Sparrow came back!!!”

  1. Cute little thing; it is hard to tell kinds of sparrows apart unless you get really close or have a really good zoom. Good job! My dearly departed pa-in-law used to call them L.B.B.’s (Little Brown Birds) as a description of pretty much anything in the sparrow and finch family.

    Regarding your previous post, you definitely get more colorful birds in your part of the country than we get here. I’m just a bit jealous.

    • Well, the feeders are about 10ft from my front window, which is far enough to make the birds comfortable as long as we don’t make sudden movements in the window, and close enough to get a good look at them.

      I have to wonder if this little guy’s been out there for a few days previous and I’d not spotted him, from the back he looks ALOT like the house sparrows that are all over….didn’t see him yesterday but that had as much to do with working till after dark as much as anything else. We DID have a couple birders perched out by the road with binoc’s, but they say they didn’t see anything either….so I don’t know if they didn’t see him because he didn’t show, or because they were to far away.

      If you mean the Grosbeaks, keep an eye out! They’re being reported across the country right now by people who’ve never seen them before! They were eating my sunflower seeds if that helps.

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