I just told my boss to go to hell

Yes he fired me for it. 

And I don’t care.

Finding a new job is going to be annoying.

And I don’t care.

Husband and I can manage just fine off of his income.  Mine has always been backup and extras.  I DO intend to find a new job, and once I’m over this cold I’ve got I’ll start a search. 

But, that was so worth it…..

How to freak out a doctor

Wednesday I felt ok.  A little tired, but coming off of Christmas that’s not unusual.  But Wednesday night I noticed my throat was sore, likely thanks to the sudden increase in post nasal drip.  And when I finally gave in and went to bed I noticed a “weight on my chest” feeling.  Lovely.  Respiratory bug here we come…

Thursday I felt bad enough I called the doctor.  Only to be told that the earliest they could see me would be Friday afternoon.  Ok, fine.  I don’t have a fever so I can’t be that sick…..

Thursday evening my temperature jumped to 101.5 and I felt truly miserable…..

Friday morning…..temp normal.  Course it is, I see the doctor today……

Friday afternoon rolls around and I finally get in to see the doc.  Temp normal (98.something), blood pressure normal, heart rate high (normal is 100 for me, I was apparently hitting 120, normal rhythm though)……Doc didn’t like that, and he REALLY didn’t like my description of the “weight on my chest’ feeling…..a listen to my lungs showed no congestion (I told him that, but they have to check), which made him like the whole thing even less.

Flu swab, just to be sure (came back negative for flu), EKG (came back normal, no significant differences from the one they did at my physical almost a year ago), there’s no history of heart problems in my family other than my Grandma who was over 75 at the time anyway, yes I’m on Depo Provera, yes I used to have asthma but I let the script lapse cause I’ve not used an inhaler in years and besides I tried using Husband’s inhaler and that didn’t help…..

Off for chest xrays (normal), and a “cardiac panel” of blood work (normal, except for the white blood cell count, which was high, duh, I’m sick).

End result: a confused doctor, who informed me that if that “weight on your chest” feeling gets ANY WORSE seek medical attention immediately, oh and you have a respiratory infection of some kind, lots of fluids and sleep, here’s a note to get out of work for a few days….

Dean & Tyler has horrid customer service: A review of my experience ordering from them

The Dean & Tyler who sells products for canines in case there’s more than one company by that name.

On 12/4/2012 I ordered a muzzle for Arty (long post coming on that, if I ever get the energy).

It shipped on 12/6/2012.  Nice and quick.  And I had it by that Friday.

Saturday, in the process of training him to not consider it a bad thing I realized I’d screwed up the order somehow.  The whole point of a basket muzzle is that you can feed and water the dog through it, but he couldn’t open his mouth wide enough to do so.  So we re-measured him and got the same measurements as the first time.  So I double checked the muzzle I’d ordered.  Sure enough I’d ordered the wrong size.  My fault.  But hey, D&T offers a service where you can email them your dog’s measurements and a picture and they’ll help you determine the right size/style of muzzle, oh, and put “urgent” in the subject if you need help in a hurry.

So Sunday 12/9/2012 I emailed, with URGENT in the subject line, asking for help fitting the muzzle so I could return/exchange the one I’d miss-ordered.

Wednesday 12/12/2012 I’d not heard from them so I called.  Was informed by a “Lissette” that the sizing folks only worked over email, but if I’d forward my email to her she’d make sure they got it.  So I forwarded it.  She emailed back asking me a couple questions about the measurements, which I responded to.

Friday 12/14/2012 I’d still not heard back about what size might fit him better…..I was starting to get a little peeved.  I sat back down with his measurements, and the measurements listed for the muzzle sizes and styles and finally settled on one that other than being to long should fit him better.  I looked up the returns/exchange process info and it says to email with your order number in the subject line along with whether you want an exchange or return.  Oh goody, I bet I can guess whats going to happen here.

Thursday 12/20/2012 I got an (probly automated) email from D&T asking me to rate my experience with them and the product I bought.  So I did.  One star all the way baby…..

Today is 12/21/2012.  I have heard back from neither the sizing folks nor the returns/exchange folks.  Its not like I’m ordering a muzzle cause its a cute fashion accessory…..I know all this took place the last few weeks before Christmas, and that they were probly extra busy.  I work for a very small company that does online retail (smaller than D&T).  We were swamped the last couple weeks.  Thats normal.  You know what?  We still found time to call back customers who had questions or needed to return items……

WTF advertisers!

All I wanted to do was check Weather.com’s forecast for my weekend. 

Type in the address….page loads….and before I can EVEN MOVE MY MOUSE the whole screen is taken over with an advertisement. 


Find the little “close ad” option.  Close it, type in my zipcode.  Page loads…..and before I can EVEN MOVE MY MOUSE the whole screen is taken over with an advertisement, AGAIN.


Find the little “close ad” option.  Scroll down the page looking for the 5 day forecast since that’s apparently no longer the point of Weather.com and I have to go in search of it instead of having it front and center.  Click on it…….

Page loads…..and before I can EVEN MOVE MY MOUSE the whole screen is taken over with an advertisement……..


Different ads for different companies every time too.

I knew there was a reason I mostly used local news channel’s webpages for my weather searching, but seriously, WTF?!

Morning reads

Wandering through my morning blog reading, ran across a few things I had to share.

Borepatch discovers laser controlled cats.

Heather at Raised by Wolves found a video of an eagle trying to snatch a kid.

On a more disgusting note YesBiscuit found an article on the discovery of primate parts at a rendering plant for animal food.

And in a post I’ll probly be quoting from heavily in my next Facebook argument Jay at MArooned points out the stupidity of trying to ban the guns the shooter was using.


Those of you using Blogger, did Google just auto turn on your mobile formating?  Cause all the sudden every blog I visit is using it and its annoying as heck…….

Time to go download some ebooks

Via Walls of the City

Baen has finally worked a deal with Amazon to carry their books.  Parts of that deal are going to result in changes to the Webscriptions, Free Online Library, and Book CDs.

I don’t really blame them, the reasoning makes sense, for their authors and for themselves.  But DAMMIT!

Sigh.  Time to go mass download ebooks and CD files…..

Trying to explain

I spent far to long on Facebook yesterday, trying to explain to someone, who I barely know, that its not that I love my guns.  Its that I’m to aware of human nature to be willing to not have them. 

You restrict access to guns then the bad guys will illegally import them.

You restrict access to guns even further then the bad guys will find other weapons to use.  Like knives, or bombs, or bats, or their bare hands.

She did at least stop insisting that Isreal didn’t have mass school killings after the 2nd link…..