Dean & Tyler has horrid customer service: A review of my experience ordering from them

The Dean & Tyler who sells products for canines in case there’s more than one company by that name.

On 12/4/2012 I ordered a muzzle for Arty (long post coming on that, if I ever get the energy).

It shipped on 12/6/2012.  Nice and quick.  And I had it by that Friday.

Saturday, in the process of training him to not consider it a bad thing I realized I’d screwed up the order somehow.  The whole point of a basket muzzle is that you can feed and water the dog through it, but he couldn’t open his mouth wide enough to do so.  So we re-measured him and got the same measurements as the first time.  So I double checked the muzzle I’d ordered.  Sure enough I’d ordered the wrong size.  My fault.  But hey, D&T offers a service where you can email them your dog’s measurements and a picture and they’ll help you determine the right size/style of muzzle, oh, and put “urgent” in the subject if you need help in a hurry.

So Sunday 12/9/2012 I emailed, with URGENT in the subject line, asking for help fitting the muzzle so I could return/exchange the one I’d miss-ordered.

Wednesday 12/12/2012 I’d not heard from them so I called.  Was informed by a “Lissette” that the sizing folks only worked over email, but if I’d forward my email to her she’d make sure they got it.  So I forwarded it.  She emailed back asking me a couple questions about the measurements, which I responded to.

Friday 12/14/2012 I’d still not heard back about what size might fit him better…..I was starting to get a little peeved.  I sat back down with his measurements, and the measurements listed for the muzzle sizes and styles and finally settled on one that other than being to long should fit him better.  I looked up the returns/exchange process info and it says to email with your order number in the subject line along with whether you want an exchange or return.  Oh goody, I bet I can guess whats going to happen here.

Thursday 12/20/2012 I got an (probly automated) email from D&T asking me to rate my experience with them and the product I bought.  So I did.  One star all the way baby…..

Today is 12/21/2012.  I have heard back from neither the sizing folks nor the returns/exchange folks.  Its not like I’m ordering a muzzle cause its a cute fashion accessory…..I know all this took place the last few weeks before Christmas, and that they were probly extra busy.  I work for a very small company that does online retail (smaller than D&T).  We were swamped the last couple weeks.  Thats normal.  You know what?  We still found time to call back customers who had questions or needed to return items……