Is anyone else getting weird gun and freedom email spam?

Last few weeks I’ve been getting WEIRD “gun positive” and “freedom positive” spam from some odd sources.  I can’t figure out if someone I bought stuff from sold my email or what.  Its coming into my gmail account, not the ScaryYankeeChick account, so if its blog related they’ve dug it up from the old blog or by browsing comments on a Blogger based blog…..

For example the most recent one has the subject line: Sandy Hook Shooting Didn’t Happen [PROOF]

I refuse to post the whole email, its seriously weird and beyond out of line, talks about how children who died in the shooting are seen later on TV alive and the like….

I deleted the first few, but its starting to get annoying, the only good thing is that Google IS catching them as spam (which amuses me to no end since the most recent one contains a line about not including any links so as to avoid spam blockers).