Lawsuit filed against SAFE act (Or, don’t get your hopes up folks)

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Now I’m delighted to see this, BUT, unlike a certain someone (*cough*TTAG*cough*) I don’t assume that “OMG the JUDGE said there would be an INJUNCTION!!!” means that “the judge thinks the SAFE act is unconstitutional!!!!”.

Infact one article states:

After hearing motions in that case, state Supreme Court Justice Diane Devlin has ordered the state, represented by state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, to show cause before oral arguments on April 25 or face an injunction. An order to show cause is not unusual in these cases, however. In fact it’s standard procedure, said Devlin’s law clerk, Timothy Kane.

These proceedings are always commenced by an order to show cause,” Kane said, adding that the state has indicated it plans to respond by mid-March.

Emphasis mine.

So yah.  Am I thrilled to see it taken to court?  Sure.  Am I getting all excited cause “OMG, WE’RE WINNING!!!!!”?   Nope.  Keep plugging away folks, we got a lot more work to do…..

Aren’t computers wonderfull?

My domain name and account with Machighway were set to expire as of tomorrow (3/1/2013). 

I’d set it up to auto renew.

About a month ago Machighway sent me a notice about time to renew….so I checked and confirmed that I was on auto renew, and then sent in a ticked asking why I was getting an bill when I was set to auto renew.  They said it was normal, and that yes, its set to auto renew.

This morning the site was fine.  An hour ago I went to log in to do up a post…..and I get a “domain name has expired as of 3/1/2013 Click here to renew!!!”  and I said WTF?

Called MacHighway, the nice guy who answered the phone said “but you don’t expire till tomorrow” and I said “yup, and the re-direct even says that, but its still today….” so he forced through the payment a day early and reset it……gotta love it when computers do their own thing!

Growing mustard

Specifically for the seeds rather than the greens.  Anyone in the northern part of the country tried it?  It looks like its a late summer crop, cause the plants actually need the cold to produce large quantities of seeds…..anyone have any ideas, tips, variety suggestions?  I don’t know that I’m going to try it this year, but its come up in discussion between hubby and I several times now so I decided its time to start researching….

The list of companies refusing to do business with NY government

is growing and growing.

I am currently going through that list and “liking” as many of them as I can find on Facebook. 

I am also putting together a letter, an actual snail mail letter, to send to each one, thanking them for standing up for our 2nd amendment rights.  And I am doing so specifically stating I am a resident of NY state.

I highly encourage the rest of you to do the same.  “Liking” a company on Facebook doesn’t mean you have to get all their updates, you can make sure they don’t get listed on your “wall” if you don’t want the extras.  Its a little thing to let them know that you appreciate it.

Electrical/light bulb question

I’m in the process of setting up my seed starting area, and trying to figure out lighting.  I have a batch of small light fixtures that I used to use for my fish tanks, that all say to use type A bulbs.  Which is the “normal” type bulb.  Which is all well and cool….but looking at bulbs that come in the right type of light needed to grow plants and what not, can I put a PAR bulb into these as long as the bulb itself otherwise fits and I don’t go over the recommended wattage?  It looks to ME like they’re the same kind of base, but I hate to assume when it comes to electrical stuff…..

Who or what

is  They’ve linked to me as one of “Five Northeast Gun Sites Holding the Line”, and while I suppose any additional traffic is cool, I could point them to some far better (IMO) blogs for that purpose.  An internet search doesn’t net much about them, other than that TTAG likes them, which I’m not sure is a good thing…..