Apollo’s new collar

Apollo is coming into his adult temperment.  What does that have to do with his new collar, well……

Several weeks ago Apollo slipped his Lupine martingale (a standard slip over the head style).  I’ve never seen a dog manage that before, he somehow managed to back out of it such that it didn’t tighten like it normally would have when pulled on, and do so fast enough we couldn’t stop him.  He then proceeded to chase the psychotic GSDs (on the property kitty corner to us) into their doggy door.  I guess he decided he was tired of being barked at constantly. 

That started my search for a new martingale collar, this one with a safety clasp so that it could be sized such that it couldn’t slip over his head, and still be taken on and off easily.  Ended up ordering a custom collar from a guy on the mastiff forum I frequent.  It arrived today.

Today, hubby was getting ready to take the dogs out for one last potty and sniff the front line before he left for work.  Got leashes and collars on everyone, opened the front door, and discovered the UPS guy about to walk up the steps onto the front porch, none of us had noticed the truck pulling up.  Apollo DID NOT APPROVE.  The UPS guy proved to have enough dog sense to neither run nor freeze, and hubby stopped Apollo short anyway.  I suspect however that a large number of our UPS packages will be left on the steps instead of by the door from now on…..

At any rate the collar fits perfectly!

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The guy who does these doesn’t have a webpage as such, but he does take orders.  If anyone’s interested I can put you in touch!


(disclaimer: I paid for this with my own money and no review was expected or required.  The guy who made it did cover my shipping since the style was my idea and he’s sold several of the same style since then)