Aren’t computers wonderfull?

My domain name and account with Machighway were set to expire as of tomorrow (3/1/2013). 

I’d set it up to auto renew.

About a month ago Machighway sent me a notice about time to renew….so I checked and confirmed that I was on auto renew, and then sent in a ticked asking why I was getting an bill when I was set to auto renew.  They said it was normal, and that yes, its set to auto renew.

This morning the site was fine.  An hour ago I went to log in to do up a post…..and I get a “domain name has expired as of 3/1/2013 Click here to renew!!!”  and I said WTF?

Called MacHighway, the nice guy who answered the phone said “but you don’t expire till tomorrow” and I said “yup, and the re-direct even says that, but its still today….” so he forced through the payment a day early and reset it……gotta love it when computers do their own thing!