Homemade mustard

So, I decided to try making homemade mustard.  It started out as a random thing, I ran across a recipe for a Dijon mustard and started asking hubby about the mustard he eats.  Cause I don’t care for it.  Now he usually eats Spicy Brown, but remembered seeing a Good Eats episode where Alton made a mustard recipe that he thought sounded good.  So I dug out the recipe.

And then the modifications began.  Hubby DOES NOT LIKE sweet pickles, so he asked me to find a substitute for that.  Well, someone in the recipe comments had used white wine vinegar, so I said sure.  Then I got started and discovered I was out of apple cider vinegar.  A google search said that red wine vinegar was an acceptable substitute just not as sweet.  So ok.

In the end I followed Alton’s recipe except for swapping out those two items (I did not add any extra sugar).  Hubby says its damn close to spicy brown and he loves it.  I guess I’m making mustard!  It turned out really easy to do, and not really time consuming, so I don’t mind.

(several of the commenters/reviewers complained about it being to liquid, but as another commenter pointed out you just keep heating it till its reduced to the consistancy you want, though I may try reducing the liquid just a bit next time)

4 thoughts on “Homemade mustard”

  1. I’m with your husband – although sweet pickles are okay, I certainly don’t want any of that juice in the mustard. Sounds like you make quite reasonable substitutes. The recipe says it takes over an hour. The instructions talk about a minute here, a minute there. How long did it take to make it in your experience?

    • I didn’t time it, but I’m going to say less than an hour all told. Half hour-ish? I read that “takes on hour”, but honestly it didn’t, and I didn’t skip any steps.

    • Let me know how it turns out? Hubby loves it so far. He’s had it on several sandwiches and a couple hotdogs lol

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