Either you know, or you don’t know….

Had to ignore the news yesterday after getting pissed enough to yell at the TV.

“Local” shooting, at least two killed, two wounded (those numbers have changed since), news conference with the Gov and other high and mighties to tell us all how horrible it is (like we didn’t already know).  One guy (I didn’t catch name or title) steps up to the mic to tell us about the victims.  Victims IDs not given here since they don’t need to be related to this rant in a search…..

“Joe Blow, who we believe was in his 40’s or 50’s and who we believe was a 5 yr veteran of such and so service, and Joe Random who we believe  was in his 40’s or 50’s and who we believe worked for X company…..”

And about that point I started yelling at the idiot standing infront of the mic that there should be no “we believe” when it comes to listing the victims.  Either you KNOW who these people are, how old they are and where they worked.  Or you do NOT know, and in that case you shouldn’t be announcing ANY of it!!!!  Idiot!!

4 thoughts on “Either you know, or you don’t know….”

  1. I’m with you. I would have been screaming at the idiot too.

    Why is it that both the media and politicians feel the need to rush right in and start spouting nonsense when they have no idea how to answer with any reasonable certainty the five Ws: Who, What, When, Where, and Why?

    (Have I ever mentioned that my most favorite movie scene is at the end of the original “Die Hard” when the wife hauls off and slugs the news reporter who 1) was responsible for some of the mayhem and 2) just shoved a microphone in her face? If I ever get the chance….)

    • I gotta say that if I’m ever involved in such a situation any reporter who shoves a microphone in my face is not going to appreciate the result…..

  2. Given how often the news media gets it wrong (how many shooters at Newtown and who wsa he for example); I can’t blame them for putting in the caveat.

    I can blame them for rushing to publish/post/televise something before they truly ‘know’ something.

    I wish they would take more care. I have a common name and have had a slight start to hear my name on the news more than one. I think they really screw up by publicizing information before the families have been contacted.

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