When Itunes and Firefox don’t get along……

Yesterday I attempted to reset the payment option in my Itunes to Paypal since the credit card I’d been using had expired.  I’ve done it before, I know the process, not a big deal.

Except it didn’t work. 

I went through the process and instead of being re-directed back to Itunes I was redirected to the Itunes website…..Weird, but whatever.  Went back to Itunes, found the song I wanted to buy….and got told that my credit card was expired.  WTF?

Went through the process, again, very very carefully reading everything this time, figuring I must have clicked a wrong option by mistake.  Same result.


A check on Paypal confirms that THEY have approved the process no problem, but apparently that fact isn’t reaching Itunes.

Try it again with both the firewall and anti-virus turned off.  Still doesn’t work.

Figure out how to email Itunes tech support, detail whats happened, along with my Itunes version and my browser version, and send off the email.

A couple hours later I get a response….with the generic instructions for changing my payment option in Itunes.

I muttered nasty things about tech support people who can’t be bothered to actually READ the complaint enough to vary from the script, and reply, with something pretty close to those words, except politer.

A couple hours later I get an email stating “so sorry, please try changing the payment option via your Ipad?”

I send back “there’s no option to use Paypal when setting it up via the Ipad”

A couple hours later I get another email, asking me to please go to this link and verify that my account information is correct, and then try again. 

I send back “its all correct, still doesn’t work”

A couple hours later I get an email stating “according to our records you’re using an older version of Itunes, please update and try again”

I send back an email stating that I AM using the most current version of Itunes, and it still doesn’t work.

This morning I got an email asking me to please uninstall and then re-install Itunes and then try again.

Ok, I can do that.  Except…..I can’t download the Itunes installer??  I click on the download option, Firefox asks me if I want to save or run, I click save, it asks me where, and I say the desktop and click ok…..and nothing happens.


So I try it with IE.  And it works……hmmmm…….

Uninstall, reboot, and reinstall Itunes.  The Paypal connection still isn’t working correctly…..

And little light bulb goes off.  I open up IE, set it to my default browser, and try the process to make Paypal my payment choice again.  And it works perfectly.


So I sent an email back to the tech support person with that information along with the suggestion that it get added to their default list of things to check and that someone might want to inform whoever does their programming…..

And then I go hit the FF support page.  Looks like I’m not the first person to have trouble with trying to download the Itunes file, and its ONLY the itunes file (cause yes, I’ve been downloading stuff all week no problem).  I follow the suggestions (resetting some options in the about:config) and hey, I can download the Itunes file!  I don’t know WHY resetting those options made a difference.  They SHOULDN’T have, as they were still valid options for my comptuer, and I could still download everything ELSE.  But they did.  I haven’t tried playing with Itunes and the payment options again…..

So I sent a note off to the FF folks too.  No idea if its a FF problem or an Itunes problem, but hopefully one of them will fix it!