I was skimming the GunBlogBlackList and someone had linked to this recipe.  Wasn’t smart enough to make note of who, sorry.  I think the virtual sugar high killed my brain.  I might have to give them a try…..

Something killed the Bluebirds

Or at least momma and baby Bluebirds.  They were dead in their birdhouse this week.  I’m assuming House Sparrows, though I didn’t see it happen.  There’s not much that’ll go after mom and chicks INSIDE the house and not try to remove them.


From two nights ago

IMGP4289 IMGP4292 IMGP4295

Weather’s been hot and nasty the last few days, temps in the 80’s, humid, with thunderstorms.  Course, tomorrow (Friday) the predicted high is 55……

Garden update

Lets see…

The pumpkins are happy happy plants.  A few leaves got damaged by the frost, but the plants themselves are bigger than ever.

Zucchini is also very very happy.  I only planted 3 plants, and I’m seriously considering pulling one and making it only two.  At the rate their growing even those three plants are going to produce a ton of zucchinis….

Cantalope is less happy, but not dead, I’ll take it.

Watermellon is refusing to germinate.

Onions are doing well, I lost a few when I first put them out, but most of them are doing well.

Carrots have all sprouted and I’ve been working on thinning them out.

Peppers…..sigh.  I’m down to TWO surviving seedlings out of 15 or so I started.  And although all of the seeds I planted for the 2nd round sprouted about half of THEM have died off TOO (and they’re not even out of the seedling tray yet!!).  I have NO idea what I’m doing wrong there….I put the rest of the seeds double bagged in ziplocks in the freezer and I guess I’ll do alot of reading over the winter and see what I can do differently next year.

Popcorn is doing well.  The ones I planted in the container are several inches tall, the ones I  planted in the ground only got planted this last week so they haven’t sprouted yet.

Sunflowers which I planted at the same time as the last batch of corn are sprouting and look good.

The various herbs (pepermint, spearmint, and horehound) that I planted in containers last year are sprouting away no problem.

Garlic hasn’t sprouted…..I think I planted it to early in the fall (it sprouted before winter hit), and I think I THEN un-covered the containers to early this spring….oh well, will try again next fall with what I learned.

The giant tire flower planter is planted and done, pictures pending.  Its got strawberries, purple Asters (they look like purple Daisys, so cool), purple Blazing Star, some daffodils, some iris, and hopefully some night blooming primrose.

I’ve got the remainder of the daffodils around the property dug up and I’m waiting for them to dry out a bit before I ship them off to their new homes.


Gentle big puppy

Over at Weer’d World he posted a video of a handsome male pitty playing with a variety of small prey type animals.  He was amazed at the gentleness of the dog.  It reminded me of this video.

Yes there’s no sound, the phone was being wonky recording the sound (and some video that I had to cut out), so I just deleted all of it.

This was recorded mid-March.  Just about the same time that Apollo weighed in at 118lbs.  He’s two years old.  No, he’s not done growing yet.

I do have to admit that I don’t think I’d trust him around a guinea pig though, he definetly thinks bunnies are food, and I’m not sure the pig would be safe from that.

Baby Robin and a Raven

IMGP4239 IMGP4241 IMGP4242

I couldn’t find the nest this little guy came out of so I moved him a couple feet into the brush where the dogs are less likely to spot him.


IMGP4250 IMGP4255 IMGP4258Then a while later this guy soared over.  I had an instant of HOLY COW GIANT CROW, wait, thats not a crow…..

Juvi Bald Eagle

In molt, hence the notches in his wings

IMGP4192 IMGP4193 IMGP4194 IMGP4195 IMGP4196 IMGP4197

I actually thought this was another Osprey, and was taking the pictures to try to figure out why his wings looked weird.  Wasn’t till I was looking at the pictures later that I realized that wasn’t an Osprey…..dammit, now I’m going to be taking pictures of every “Osprey” I see…..