I’ve been over-run by Pine Siskens


Huge bunches of them, perched on every surface waiting their turn at the finch feeder.  I’m refilling that feeder once a day…..they’re such secure little birds that even me stepping out onto the porch to get this picture (instead of through the dirty window and screen) didn’t even phase them.


And the male Rose-breasted Grosbeak brought along his mate yesterday



And I still can’t get over how different the female Red-wing blackbirds look from the males



Not much else going on here other than the birds.  We’re supposed to be getting a frost tonight (and come with in a degree or two of it last night, though I haven’t confirmed if it did or not).  So all the garden containers got frost protectors last night, and considering the lack of warmth predicted for today I’m not going to remove them, just loosen them for some ventilation.  I just hope the various fruit trees, which are all in bloom, can hold up cause I can’t do much about them.

4 thoughts on “I’ve been over-run by Pine Siskens”

  1. Yeah, it doesn’t look like we’re going to have any cherries or apricots in the valley this year, and the peaches sound impacted, too.

  2. Nice pic of the siskins. The bird in flight on the right of the feeder really shows the yellow which is otherwise damn near impossible to see. Obviously, they knew this blasted cold wasn’t over yet. *sigh*

    • Thanks! Its SO HARD to get pictures of the little birds in flight, they move SO FAST! But they were sniping over the spots on the feeder, so I was able to get several shots, and that was by far the best.

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