Gentle big puppy

Over at Weer’d World he posted a video of a handsome male pitty playing with a variety of small prey type animals.  He was amazed at the gentleness of the dog.  It reminded me of this video.

Yes there’s no sound, the phone was being wonky recording the sound (and some video that I had to cut out), so I just deleted all of it.

This was recorded mid-March.  Just about the same time that Apollo weighed in at 118lbs.  He’s two years old.  No, he’s not done growing yet.

I do have to admit that I don’t think I’d trust him around a guinea pig though, he definetly thinks bunnies are food, and I’m not sure the pig would be safe from that.

2 thoughts on “Gentle big puppy”

  1. I’m just amazed they are able to side-step nature and just PLAY with what I’m sure they’re aware is food.

    Of course I’m sure you feed your puppies enough that they don’t necessarily see a mouse as worth the troubles.

    Great video!

    • The funny part is that when he was 16 weeks old he caught and ate a mouse that one of my cats was chasing. Course that was INSIDE the house, and Tibetan Mastiffs are funny about things inside their house. My other dog (Arty) definetly recognized PREY, but Apollo was clearly having fun just playing. What can I say, he’s a nut!

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