Computers suck

My desktop has tried to commit suicide.  We’re currently waiting on an ordered power supply in hopes that thats the problem.  Otherwise we’re likely looking at getting a new computer and hoping that a professional can extract my files from the hard drive.  So posting will be even more slow than usual till thats figured out.  I CAN post from my ipad, but its a pain….

4 thoughts on “Computers suck”

  1. Hope the power supply is all you need. I’m getting to the point where the little foibles of my 6 year-old laptop are really starting to annoy me. Every shutdown is an invitation to disaster. I’d buy a new one in a minute if it didn’t come with the current version of Microsoft Hell, AKA Windows 8. I mean, shoot! I’m using Vista and don’t want to go to 8 until they get back to basics.
    Not everyone has or wants a freakin’ touch screen you tools! They look great on NCIS and other television shows but for home computing they sucketh!

    I read somewhere that they may be realizing their “oops” factor and will be releasing a “corrected 8” in time for Christmas. I hope that report was correct.

    (Yeah. I know that some machines are still being sold with Windows 7 but the machines I’m loking at do not have that option for some reason.)

    Any way…Extracting the data from your hard drive–if it comes to that–shouldn’t be too big a problem–unless that’s where the nasty is being done.

    • We’ve got Win 7 discs so in theory we Could down grade a new compiter. I hope so, I don’t care for 8 at all!

      We actually suspect harddrive failure, but the power supply is a potentially cheap fix, so starting there….otherwise the computer’spretty decent. I’d rather not get rid of it.

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