It was the power supply

Which is the good news. 

The bad news is that the install took and wiped everything.  Yes I had fairly recent backups of the important stuff, but I’m still finding all sorts of odds and ends I’d not updated the backups off, like my internet bookmarks.  Annoying, and I have to re-install everything, really annoying.

The 2nd piece of bad news is that apparently my Windows 7 disks and product code were only supposed to be used for UPGRADES, not for clean installs.  The fact that there was an option in the boot menu for the disk for a clean install, with no warning about needing to purchase a new product code is apparently immaterial to Microsoft.  As is the fact that not one of the other options was working at the time.

This was bad news all right.  But for the Microsoft tech-support idiot not me.  I don’t think I’ve lost my temper like that in a LOOOONG time…..

No, I didn’t pay for a new product code. 

Yes, my computer is up and running and fully legal.

I don’t normally advocate screaming at the idiot doing phone support (I’ve been there, its not their fault their company is stupid), but in this case it solved the problem…..

Anyway, I know the blog-header is screwed up, I’ll be fixing it shortly……

1 thought on “It was the power supply”

  1. Good on the good news and sorry about the bad. As for tech support, sometimes you have to wonder who/what supports them.

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