Tibetan Mastiffs in rescue

The national Tibetan Mastiff rescue has ended up in a bit of a bind.  They already have 11 adult Tibetan Mastiffs (here-after refered to as TMs) in rescue in need of homes.  And just this week they were handed custody of 10 adult TMs (Chinese bred) and 8 twelve week old pups, with the information that there were more dogs coming.  This info is not yet on their webpage, but pictures and what data they’re giving out publicly on the dogs is on their Facebook page.  They’ve got homes for the original 8 pups (pups after all are easy to find homes for), but report that there are another 18 coming.  According to what information they’re giving these dogs were basically in a puppy mill.  A Chinese national imported them to Southern Cali to breed so he could sell the pups.  The person in question is no longer able to care for the dogs, so a family member is trying to get rid of them.  Despite that the rescue is reporting that many of the adult dogs have very sweet temperments.

I know I have talked alot about Apollo, but not much about his breed.  They certinally aren’t a dog for everyone, not even every dog owner.  They’re nothing like the Labs and Goldens and other the herding or retrieving breeds and crosses that most folks are used to.  They’re highly stubborn and independant.  They think for themselves and problem solve.  Many of them open doors (with ROUND door knobs), I know of one who knows numbers 1 through 5, and another who can work a TV remote without any instruction.  They’re a guardian breed, their goal in life is to guard their master and their masters family and property, and they cannot be swayed from that.

If you think you might be interested in one please read more here.  I’m also more than willing to answer any questions I can.