Trail camera pics

Been a while since I posted off the trail camera


 photo PICT00352_zps6306ece5.jpg

 photo PICT00373_zps0c0f76f0.jpg


 photo PICT0031_zps53568ae1.jpg


 photo PICT0001_zpsab826a81.jpg



I think this next doe is the same one as in the previous night shot, though I can’t swear to it.  She’s got a full teat but there’s no sign of baby in any of this.  Hope that means she’s got her baby stashed somewhere safe rather than that she lost it.


 photo PICT00032_zpse35bbb11.jpg


 photo PICT0009_zps4a7af5e6.jpg


 photo PICT00053_zpsa177328e.jpg