Garden update

The big tire

IMGP4621Yah, I need to pull the weeds around it again….

And some of the strawberry plants in it, these particular ones are Pine Berries though there are regular strawberries in there too


And the main garden containers


The pallats are to support the vines, if nessecary I’ll attach boards to support the pumpkins or fruit.  The orange buckets in the background are my fruit vines and the rest of the corn, pumpkins and sunflowers, with the buckets acting as part of my watering system (which, I might add, I’ve only had to use once, cause it WON”T STOP POURING DAMMIT, ehm)

My sole remaining habenero plant, these were nice big seedlings when I put them out, this leaf is all thats left


And the rest of that container, some onions, some carrots, and some of the pumpkins


And the next container, with more carrots, the sweet pepper plants, and the zucchini


And the 3rd container, with the Jalapeno plants, more carrots, and the cantalope plants

IMGP4628Yah, I know, a ton of carrots.  Wasn’t deliberate.  I ordered 6 different varieties of heirloom carrots, figured I’d plant a few of each to try, and then plant more next year (or for a 2nd harvest this year) of what we liked.  Each package warned to over plant and then thin due to having a low germination rate……I think every single seed sprouted…..

Container four has the Hungarian Hot Wax peppers, more carrots, and the watermelon (which you can’t see cause the plants are still tiny)

IMGP4629I hadn’t planned to plant watermelon, but one of the seed companies included a packet of seeds of them in with my order (free gift and all that), and for once the free gift was something that not only interested me but that also had a chance of growing in my climate.

And the last container with some of the popcorn


And while I was out taking these pictures I saw my first Catbird of the season!  I’ve been hearing them for a while, but couldn’t find them to see