Corn and updates

Ok, the instructions I can find on growing corn state that once the silk dries the corn is ready to be picked.  But, can the weather force silk to dry early?

To check on my corn I pulled this one ear:

011The visible silk was totally dry.  Now obviously I have a fertilization problem, I planted these to closely together and so I will be hand fertilizing the remaining ears, but the kernels don’t look fully developed either?  Not that the screwy weather hasn’t helped….

In other garden news I picked my first two zucchini this morning, I forgot to take a picture but they made 3 batches of zucchini bread…..

There’s at least one nice looking baby cantalope, and at least one baby watermelon.  Pretty sure there’s a baby pumpkin.  Carrots are HAPPY, and there are at least a couple Hot Wax peppers and several Jalapeno’s.  So far no sweet peppers, but SOMETHING is eating the leaves, and I think I found the culprit:

0075INFORMATION_STRIP_ON__TAG 29.85 inHg 64"F  07/15/13 05:02 AM  MYCAMER1I put this camera up in an attempt to watch the Ceder Waxwings that are nesting in that tree, the feeder contains raisens.  No luck catching the Waxwings, but look-it what I did see…..headed straight for my garden.  Why she’s only munching on the peppers and nothing else I have no idea….

Two of the Waxwings:

IMGP4721 IMGP4719


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  1. Our corn usually looks pretty much like that. I assume part of the problem is underwatering. This year it go plenty of water from Mother Nature, and we supplemented on dry weeks, but it was so cold at the beginning that we don’t even have flowers yet – much les corn.

    • I decided to start several stalks of corn inside with everything else, and this is from those. The corn that I planted outside as normal isn’t even knee high yet…..

      And yah, everything’s had plenty of water this year, to much I think. Since this is popcorn ANYWAY my intention is to leave it on the stalks as long as possible to have it dry as much as possible before I pick it. But I wanted to check on whether it was fertlizing properly.

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