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I found out a month or so ago that one of the guys I graduated highschool with had been diagnosed with cancer.  I wasn’t told what kind, and I didn’t pry. 

We weren’t close friends, but when there’s only 14 students in your graduating class you get to know someone fairly well.  But I’d not kept in touch with him either.  He went to college across the country from me, and we didn’t keep in touch.

He passed away Sunday August 11, 2013.   He was 34.  He’s survived by his wife, sister, parents, grandparents, and a load of cousins and other relatives.


Edit: wow, I was really out of touch.  It was his wife who’d been diagnosed with cancer.  His death was unexpected.  At this time his cause of death is unknown.  His wife passed away this morning (August 13, 2013).  Now I really feel like hell…..


Hummingbirds are insane little creatures.  If you ever get to watch a group of Hummingbirds work a feeder or bush do so.  They’re quite fun to watch.  Just be prepared to duck when one chases off another at top speed in your direction!


IMGP0484 IMGP0485 IMGP0486 IMGP0490 IMGP0491 IMGP0496 IMGP0497 IMGP0498

I think we’re going to loose some of our apple trees….

We’ve got 3 yellow apple trees (I think they’re Golden Delicious, but not sure), 2 red apple trees (variety unknown), and 2 pear trees of two different types….

The pears are fine, normal fruit, normal looking trees.

The red apple trees also look good.

The yellow apples….not so much.  The tree furthest from the house is also the one lowest (elevation wise) by a couple feet.  That one  never even bloomed.  We blamed that on the weird frosts we got in the spring, but its just continues to look sickly, and I’m not actually sure it even formed buds in the first place….leaves are yellow, and the tree just looks “bleh” (I know, such a descriptor huh?).  I tried to get a picture, but in every picture I took the tree actually looked pretty good.  Oh well.

The other two yellow apple trees are a couple feet higher up, both have fruit, and one has a HUGE amount of fruit.  But both are drooping badly, dropping LARGE numbers of their fruit already, have yellow leaves, and the larger of the two has several dying branches…..

We do have an insect problem, but we always have, and it doesn’t look any worse this year than normal.  And the trunk and bark doesn’t look damaged in anyway.

I bought some fruit tree fertilizer, and put it down for all the trees, but I’m wondering if the insane rains we had are the problem.  Doing some research it DOES look like its possible for an apple tree’s roots to get so wet that they just rot out from under the tree…..

Garden photos

My one and only baby pumpkin:

IMGP0394Every other female flower has died before blooming…..


IMGP0395As you can see, there’s more coming!

And the watermelon:

IMGP0396There’s more baby watermelons coming too….


Now if only Mother Nature would stop screwing with us…..we went from HOT and WET to nice and dry, at which point EVERYTHING took off skyward, which was awesome….but now, mid-August, and we’re having nights in the 50’s, and even upper 40’s…..*sigh*

Raffle to win a machine gun shoot–fundraiser to help defeat the SAFE act

I’ve already managed to forget who’s blog I saw this on, I guess I need more coffee….

NYSRPA is holding a raffle to raise funds to help in the fight against the SAFE act.  The prize includes:


    • A private shooting excursion hosted by Manhattan Shooting Excursions for two shooters on a range near Scranton, Pennsylvania.

    • One night at a local hotel, double occupancy.

    • Professional supervised instruction on the use of all firearms.

    • Use of Full Auto Hardware including: UZI, M-16, AK-74, Glock 34FA, Razorback.

    • Use of Suppressed Weapons including: Sig Sauer MK25 with AAC Ti-Rant Silencer, HK USP Tactical with AAC Ti-Rant Silencer, Remington M7 .300 BLK. with AAC MK34 Silencer, Sig Sauer Mosquito with Tactical Solutions Cascade-Ti Silencer.



Tickets are $25 each, I bought two.  The raffle ends Dec 31, 2013, and you must be 18 or over and able to legally posses firearms in order to get the prize.

*headdesk* aka the reason I have very little respect for most animal rescue groups…

Back at the end of January we had to put Janie down.  It hurt, but she was miserable, and nothing was helping any more.

One thing I started doing, almost immedietly, was looking for a new cat.  Not because I wanted a new cat so soon, cause really, I didn’t.  But because in order to fit into this household a cat is going to have to fit some fairly strict criteria, and I knew it was going to take time to find a cat who did.

The problem of course is Arty’s prey drive.  He understands that he’s not allowed to chase MY cats, but any cat he doesn’t ID as mine is fair game, and I’ve not been able to break that yet (and may not be able to ever).  Any new cat that enters my house will have a period of time where, if it makes a “prey like” move Arty will attempt to pounce, it IS going to take me time to get him to realize this is MY cat.  SO: No kittens, they’re to small and helpless and to likely to do things like scamper accross the floor in a mad dash…..I’d prefer a young adult cat, between 1-3 years of age.  The cat needs to already be dog savvy.  And a larger cat is probly a good idea.  A laid-back temperment is also required, to put up with Arty.

Now I already knew that my local shelter had a strict policy of not adopting dogs into a home with an intact dog.  The fact that the dog I’d been looking at was already spayed had no bearing on their decision.  Apollo’s intact and thats that.  But surely it was different for their cats…..

Nope.  Intact dog, therefor no cat for me.  I shook my head and started casting my net wider.

And repeatedly ran into the same policy.  Apollo’s intact, therefor MULTIPLE rescues will not adopt an already “fixed” cat to me.

Guys, I promise Apollo has no taste for rape, much less cross-species rape, and the Tibetan Meow-stiff is an urban legend, I swear……

Its so bad that when I run across a new rescue I no longer email asking for more info on specific animals, and I no longer fill out the adoption application.  Instead the first thing I do is email asking if they will adopt a CAT into a home that has an intact DOG.

I haven’t found one yet.

These same rescues constantly go on about not being able to find homes for all their animals.  These same rescues can’t understand why people end up getting their next cat or dog from some BYB on Craigslist.

They do it to themselves.

New Camera!

About 3 weeks ago now I grabbed my camera to snap a photo…..and it rattled.  When I attempted to take the photo it turned on, but locked up when I pressed the button.  After trying new batteries, and opening up every easily accessable compartment I admited defeat and sent it off for an estimate for repair.  Pentax being kind enough to offer free estimates on the repair of most of their current model cameras.

Turned out the motherboard had come loose, and unfortunetly since my camera is 7yrs discontinued that part is no longer availible.

So as much as I’d not really wanted to spend several hundred dollars on a new camera I have to admit to being delighted to have an excuse to buy a new camera with all the extra features that I’d been drooling over….

I ended up with the Pentax K-5.  Technically also a discontinued model, but that just keeps the price down.  Its a much higher end camera than my old one, and I’ve been having fun playing around with it.

IMGP0066 IMGP0077 IMGP0096 IMGP0097 IMGP0105 IMGP0123 IMGP0131a IMGP0136 IMGP0138 IMGP0151 IMGP0171